Uberjack has recently posted some updates on his site regarding his emulators for the PSP:

One feature that both fMSX and Atari800 could use is auto ROM type selection, as Iím sure Iím not the only person who finds selecting correct type of ROM an annoyance. Iíd like to ask those of you who are dedicated fans of fMSX or Atari800 for help.

The method I have planned involves mapping a ROM CRC32 value to specific cart type, maintaining the settings in a growing list. Bunch of these lists would eventually be consolidated into a larger ďsuper listĒ that would be included with the emulators, effectively eliminating the process of cart type selection (for vast majority of carts, anyway).

If anyone is interested in working to create such lists, please let me know by leaving a comment. Alternatively, if youíre aware of an existing list (perhaps for a different port), it would be great if you could point out the location. Thanks

This is just a small note to let you folks know that work on wifi netplay is continuing as before.

For fans of fMSX, look forward to an update that will fix the crashing of the emulator when MSX Music/MSX Audio are accessed while disabled in System settings. Because this is a small fix, this release is not planned for the immediate future, but if enough people show interest, a bugfix release will follow. Those who know how to, or donít want to wait can compile from svn.