Daniel Chan has released a new PSP Homebrew called cWatch, heres the full details from Daniel himself:

cWatch is a portable speedsolving timer (the goal of speedsolving is to solve a Rubik's cube or similar puzzle as fast as you can). With cWatch you can practice or exhibit your speedsolving skills anywhere and everywhere. Not only does cWatch allow you to simply time yourself but it also allows you to save your best times and switch between three different speedsolving categories. So, for example, if you wanted to do a one-handed solve, then you just switch to cWatch's one-handed mode and you will be able to save and see your best time for solving a puzzle one-handed.

Why Should I Use cWatch?

Well, as far as I know, cWatch is the only speedsolving timer ever developed for the PSP. Another thing is that cWatch is just as good as any physical timer such as the popular StackMat Competition Timer. cWatch actually mimics the way the StackMat Competition Timer is started by making you have to press both the L and R shoulder buttons at the same time which ensures that both hands are not touching the puzzle before the solve is started as per the World Cube Association's regulations (it too, stops when the timer reaches ten minutes just like the StackMat Competition Timer). cWatch is also better than the StackMat Competition Timer because it allows you to save your best time for three different categories of solving. In the StackMat Competition Timer, you can save your best time but it does not tell you whether the best time was for, say, a blindfolded solve. Finally, cWatch allows you to stop carrying around that StackMat timer like a dork!

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