via PSO-World

The official website was updated earlier today with information on what we can expect to see following tonight's maintenance.

Seasonal events - The wedding lobbies will be going away for another year, only to be replaced by the Sonic lobby in Clyez City and the Parum Unification Commemoration lobby in Holtes City. These two seasonal lobbies will be running from June 20 until July 4. And remember, with the Sonic lobby in effect, be on the lookout for the rare Jaggo Sonichi while you're running missions!

New items - For the duration of the Parum Unification lobby, Variety Shop in Clyez City will be selling the Parum Unity Souvenir. Get yours while you can! Also be sure to check out the exchange counter at Casino Voloyal, as some new items are being added!

Furthermore, a special GM event will be held on Monday, June 23 to celebrate Sonic's 17th birthday! Guardians who yell out the phrase Happy Birthday Sonic! during the event will receive not one, but two room decorations in the following weeks. The prizes will be statues of Amy and Knuckles to go along with last year's Sonic statue.