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Thread: Pump It Up Exceed for Sony PSP™ at a bargain price of US$ 8.90 only

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    psp Pump It Up Exceed for Sony PSP™ at a bargain price of US$ 8.90 only

    New special offer from Play Asia:

    Developed by the Korean company Studio 9, Pump It Up Exceed bears some striking resemblances with Konami's Bemani games, with more emphasis on free style and break dancing rhythms.

    Although those familiar with the Bemani games will certainly have an extra edge, given the simple controls and concepts as well as fun elements, it will take no time before a total beginner becomes a veteran.

    When the direction indicators overlap with the respective icons on top, press the right buttons in time and according to the rhythm.

    Get consecutive beats correct to get a combo and perfect scores. Scores ranges from perfect to bad, to keep the game from ending before the song does, you have to keep your life bar from falling to zero by attaining good scores.

    Use the points you earned to customize future games by buying new music pieces, dance steps, direction indicators etc in the store station.

    The songs that make up the games are mostly Korean pop, but Studio 9 has assembled a group of musicians under the collective name of Banya to write songs specifically for the game. This portable rhythm game comes with a total of ninety seven songs.

    Practice your rhythms and moves on the go with Pump It Up EXCEED on your Sony PSP™ to amaze your friends with your improvements next time when you visit the arcades with them.

    Some of you may remember that Studio9's stylish rhythm game Pump It Up Exceed, has been featured as a bargain item a month ago along with Pump it Up Zero as a bundle pack. Due to popular demand, this game is now back and is sold at a bargain price of US$ 8.90.

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    I love games under 10$

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