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Hi all,

I've tested this on my PSP Slim at 3.90m33-3 with no problems. I did have issues when I was running 3.71. Not sure about compatability with 3.80.

To install copy eboot.pbp and support.prx to a folder in ms0:/PSP/GAME


After going through Sakya's Lightmp3 source and Slasher's filebrowser examples, I decided to piece together a small text based mp3 player. It only handles mp3s and is done in the style of a dos/ansi type app. By default it's clocked at 80mhz to conserve battery life. Although it could probably be clocked even lower.

All mp3s have to be in the ms0:/MUSIC directory (no sub directories are scanned for now) and all cover art is looked for in ms0:/MUSIC/covers. Covert art is matched by album name only in the ID3 tag and is expected to be in *.jpg format. For best results I normally pull the art from somewhere such as Amazon and resize to 170x170. Any different dimensions probably won't look so good. Cover art isn't required and is only displayed if found in the appropriate location.

The controls are pretty simple:

Left/Right move up or down 5 places in listing
Up/Down move up or down 1 place in listing
Cross - play highlighted file
Square - Pause current mp3
Triangle - Rescan directory
Select - Toggle USB

I think the only limitation of the number of files would be the PSPs memory, As directory arrays are dynamically sized according to the number of files present. Files are streamed from the memory stick and not loading into memory fully before playing.

This isn't meant to be a full-fledged player by any means. Just a small example, with included source, in case anyone is interesed

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