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    Default PSPRadio 0.34

    Raf sent an email with ths news:

    A new release of PSPRadio is out. Thanks!!

    This release is the same as 0.34-pre3

    I'm making 0.34-pre3 official, because:
    1- it's stable enough
    2-I'm making major internal changes right now, and I'd rather make 0.34-pre3 official than waiting until I have everything straightened out.

    So, in short, if you're already using 0.34-pre3; then you're not missing anything. The only difference is that this release is packaged correctly...

    Anyways, here's the changelog from 0.33b:
    -Corrected the mutex and semaphore implementations..
    (Now logging needs more resources because of this though, so it's probably a good idea to keep high).
    -Also found a bug that would cause the crash on exit (one at least).
    (PSPSound's destructor was accessing the m_ThDecode without checkin if it existed first.)
    -Also added USB support. Needs to be enabled in the config file. ([USB]ENABLED=1; )
    -USB support is dangerous. Not recommended.
    -Disabled pause for URL streams.
    -Lots of internal refactoring.
    -Support for playlists v2 was added.
    -Now data from playlist v2 is shown, then updated when metadata arrives.
    -Can force a profile now, look in the .cfg file to see how.
    -Dropped the 'b' as is redundant with the -pre.
    -Now when pressing L and R, the song only auto starts if the user was currently playing a song.
    -Added thread exit synchronization using the semaphore. (Should help make sure the app exits correctly).
    -Removed forced network profile code. (As users having problems where able to solve them themselves).
    -Tweaked the playlist v2 support so that it (hopefully, test) works with winamp .pls files. (Now I just
    ignore the "NumberOfEntries"/"numberofentries" tag.


    Download Here --> (the pre version which is the final version)

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    I've seen several releases of this program, and it sounds cool and all, but I'm not too sure what it's really for. It can't access a list of available internet radio stations, can it? How do you gain access to a stream of music? Can it playback internet radio if you type in a specific address? Or is this only for streaming your own audio over your home network? (not even sure how to do that)

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    I believe theres plenty of online radios swimming around the internet, I assume this lets you listen to streaming audio from an access point (router).

    This sounds like a very handy tool, downloading it now.

    Personally, I think 1.5 users need an attractive and functional internet explorer (in English, I try 2ch's browser but can never get past the first page because I have no clue what it says). Maybe your code has some foundation to a internet browser

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