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Thread: pinpoint.Tool R1 - A PSP Developer's Tool

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    psp pinpoint.Tool R1 - A PSP Developer's Tool

    News/release from Daniel Chan


    This is Daniel Chan, developer of the recently-released cWatch program, here to announce another little program I made in Lua. This is a very, very simple program aimed at helping out PSP Developer's who have trouble with constantly having to guess the correct x- and y- coordiantes to align their homebrew properly. With this simple program you can pinpoint a location on the screen and get the coordinates for that position to within 5 pixels. This should greatly reduce some time for those of you that are new to developing and just everyone developer in general because even if you know a pretty good estimate of where each part of the screen is you still need to constantly fine-tune your coordinates several times to get it right. The program also features the ability to activate the PSP's USB mode (it does not turn off when the program closes but only when LuaPlayer itself closes allowing you to switch back-and-forth between your program and pinpoint.Tool without switching off the USB mode) which speeds up development.

    Please tell me how useful this is for you, if at all. If you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs/problems then please reply to this thread or shoot me an email(in the README) and I'll see what I can do. This is very possibly going to be the only release for pinpoint.Tool as I am trying to keep development of more complicated projects going but I do have some ideas for pinpoint.Tool that I might possible add in a feature releas so that is why I am taking suggestions.

    Also, if you are one of the people that downloaded cWatch v.100 I would like to say thank you and for everyone that is interested the new version is going to be out soon after I release the game I am working on currently so just hold on to your seats. It will feature some fixes as well as new features mentioned in the previous release as well as some other as-of-yet unnanounced features.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    The source code's a decent starting point for working with
    Luaplayer's graphics.
    analog stick (+8) for speed, or Dpad (+1) for precision would be a useful update.
    It'd be handy to know if I can use the TTFs thru the creative commons - I
    quite like the weerd extender on the bleeding cowboys "6".

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