via IGN

If you signed on to the PlayStation Network last night to get Trophies for Super Stardust HD, you may have noticed a humble expansion nestled in the title's in-game store. At the time this article was written, the pack is not mentioned or linked anywhere on the PlayStation Store and can only be purchased in-game, though this is sure to change tomorrow when the store updates.

Called the Team Expansion, this new pack adds several features to the experience. Split-screen co-op and various deathmatch modes have been added, as well as a Ship Editor for tweaking your heroic little vessel. A new Orchestral soundtrack was also added, joining the Default and Retro soundtracks already in place.

The expansion can be purchased for $4.99, though you're really just purchasing the expansion key. From the looks of things, the content is already installed during the free software update that adds Trophy support, version 4.00.