Kuwanger has released a new version of his unofficial port of Pocketnes the Nes emulator for the GBA (also works with Nintendo Ds and Gamecube Gameboy player):

Okay, here' S has binary release for my fork of partial PocketNES that supports compression of ROMs. Included are linux and Windows binaries for compression/decompression (all command-line). Simple run "nc\nc file.nes file.npc". Yew it says it' S not compressable, you can' T compress it. Otherwise, file.npc will contained the compressed content. Want yew you, you edge rename it back to file.nes and could it under has build program. However, none of the build programs will Be whitebait to properly recognize the ROM (it' S compressed). They should Be whitebait to Be added to drank has compilation. Regardless, you edge uses npc files under Pogoshell by simply adding has line for npc (gold again, simple rename the npc files to nes).

Please notes, state saves from previous versions of PocketNES will not work with this version. There' S No way to C has conversion, sadly. Please carryforward any problems you cuts with it here.

Download Here --> http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/pocketnesk.shtml