The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed more than thirty new Nintendo DS titles, including quite a few first party ones. You can check out some screens on these new titles (including the aforementioned TINGLE RPG) at Famitsu. Without further delay, here's what titles were featured in the magazine (please note that any release dates are Japanese):

Adult Brain Training 2
Seiken Densetsu DS [Secret of Mana DS]
Rainbow Island DS (Jan 5)
Gyakuten Saiban 4 [Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney] (2006)
Tales DS
Daikoukaijidai DS
Magical Vacation: When the 5 Stars Line Up
ASH (Archaic Sealed Heat - Mistwalker RPG)
Kaitou Wario (Kaitou means 'Mysterious/Phantom Thief')
Custom Robo DS
English Training DS
Tingle RPG
Detect Hacker
Densetsu no Starfi 4 [Legend of Starfi 4]
Puzzloop DS
Mario Basket 3 vs 3 [Mario Basketball]
Jigsaw Puzzle
Bomberman Story
SD Gundam game
Stylebook series (Bandai)
Ocha Inu no Heya
San-X Dreamland
Dangerous Jiisan
Nobunaga's Ambition DS
Dracula [New Castlevania Game]
Vs. Puzzle Papi Inu Vector Wan!!
Titles of Note

Tingle RPG
The top screen shows Tingle holding a bomb with the number "9", while the bottom screen has a gigantic insect crawling around with what appears to be a big red target on it. You can also see a bomb with many little balloons attatched to it near the insect. Perhaps the game will play out similarly to the Tingle Tuner in Wind Waker, where players did not control Tingle directly?

Densetsu no Starfi 4
The fourth game in the Starfi series of games - the previous three were available for Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this game, the top screen shows the action while the touch screen displays a map. Starfi (as you may or may not have guessed) is a starfish.

Mario Basket 3 vs 3
Basketball with a Mario flavour. The top screen shows the action, the touch screen shows a layout of the court. Confirmed characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Bowser and Paratroopa. There are also Question Mark boxes scattered on the court, including one with coins spewing out of it. Looks like you have to hit those boxes when you have the basketball. Turtle shells are also displayed on the touch screen, suggesting Mario Kart item mischief as well. Finally, this game is Nintendo Wi-Fi compatible!

Kaitou Wario
Not sure what to make of this platform game. The top screen shows a Metroid-like map, as well as what appear to be power-ups. There's also a clock shown - could this be timed, similar to Metroid? It's definitely Wario, though - that Wario hat shown in the touch screen is enough of a clue!