News from Lik Sang

Celebrating the Gameboy legacy, and hot on the heels of the Micro launch, Yujin have released a capsule toy collection featuring Nintendo's handheld line recreated in fantastic detail. Models revisited include the GameBoy (DMG-01), GameBoy Pocket (MGB-001), GameBoy Light (MGB-101), GameBoy Color (CGB-001), GameBoy Advance (AGB-S-WA) and GameBoy Advance SP (AGS-001). A little set of accessories is also included with each toy, such as a game cartridge, GameBoy printer or camera. Brand new for October, each is just US$ 4.95.

Next in line we have the Nintendo Cartridge Type Pocket Calculator from Banpresto. Inside a Famicom (NES) cartridge replica of either Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda or Ice Climber, is a fully working calculator, complete with authentic screenshot and real game sound effects. 15 cm wide (6 inches), these are US$ 14.95 each, and are the perfect example of original gaming collectables you can only pick up from your favorite hardcore store.

Previously we had plushes from the Super Mario DX label, very high quality soft toys from one of the most famous and best selling gaming series of all time, Super Mario Bros. Naturally these didn't take long to sell out, but now to help christen the title's 20th anniversary, we have Goomba and Koopa Troopa. A large 27 cm high (10.5 inches) in size, these are only US$ 16.95 each, a truly great price for a plush.

If you prefer to enjoy Mario and friends how they were 20 years ago though, we offer Nintendo Mini Mascot Keychains from Banpresto. At just US$ 2.95 each, you get Mario or Luigi from Super Mario Bros., Popo or Nana from Ice Climber, Player 1 or 2 colors from Balloon Fight, and Link wearing either Green or Blue from The Legend of Zelda, all in their classic pixel designs.

These are just the first collectibles to come from a complete line-up of Mario 20th Anniversary goodies that Banpresto has on the release calendar for this quarter. Stay tuned for more, as we expect tons of Mario related products to come within the next three months, from computer mice to bath towels, plushes, and much more.