HDfury Gamer Edition HDMI to VGA
Manufacturer: HDfury
Site: Buy from Shop.01Media
Price: $112.64

Overview : Connect any HDMI source in Full HD 1080p to any RGB display.

HDfury Gamer Edition is a straight HDMI to VGA cable that includes an embedded HDfury module. For example you can connect your PlayStation 3 via the HDMI port to a hi resolution VGA screen with it.

Advantages of the Gamer Edition of HDfury:
  • Worlds First and Only One PLUG and PLAY solution!
  • HDMI straight to VGA! All in One Cable!
  • HD gaming on PS3/Elite, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and DVD playback up to 1080p!
  • It transforms any RGB display into a HDCP compliant device.
  • HDfury solves the BLACK SCREEN issue on Playstation 3!
  • Affordable pricing to compete with the cost of Components cable + VGA box commonly used by gamers till now to connect their PS3/Elite or any others HDMI sources to a not-HDCP compliant analog display.
  • Outstanding and Unbeatable quality for the money (absolutely no competition with VGA box, it will make any VGA box looks like a toy from the dollar shop! See our reviews section on HDfury.com!)
  • Allow DVD playback with upscaling up to 1080p on PS3/Elite or any others HDMI source.

Specifications :
  • Feed in 1080p FULL HD HDMI SIGNAL
  • Blu-Ray / HD-DVD Player
  • Playstation 3, X360 Elite
  • PC HDMI Graphics Card
  • SAT and Cable HDTV Box
  • Any DVI or HDMI source
  • It is fully compatible (HD and Full HD - 720p/1080p) with any HDMI sources such as HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, PS3, X360 Elite, HDTV cable box, HDTV SAT box or HDMI graphic card.

  • Display a visual FURY up to 1080p to any technically able analog display !
  • PC monitor (CRT, tubes, LCD)
  • HDTV, Plasma, LCD
  • LCD, DLP, SXRD, D-ILA proj.
  • 3 tubes proj Barco, Nec, ...
  • Any RGB, VGA Display
  • Compatible with PC monitors, HDTV, Video/Retro projectors, LCD, Plasmas First and sole All In One cable solution to connect HDMI sources to RGB displays

Quality/Usability : When we first heard of HDfury, it was back in 2007. The original HDfury was just an adapter that plugged into your monitor. The HDfury is a revolutionary product that allows you to use the full resolution (up to 1080p) of any DVI/HDMI device on a CRT projector, PC monitor, older HDTV/Plasma TV, or any other device without a DVI/HDMI input! If you own a high quality projector/monitor/TV that does not have a DVI/HDMI connector you would need this device!

HDfury module will transform any "technically able" ANALOG display into a DIGITAL display performing a perfect visual HD & Full HD fury @ 720p/1080p from any HDMI/HDCP sources such as HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players, PS3, X360 Elite, Satellite/Cable HDTV set-top boxes, HTPCs with HDMI graphic cards, to name a few! Simply plug the HDfury into your projector, your DVI/HDMI device into the HDfury, and watch!

But what if you dont have a monitor or display that has DVI or HDMI? Well, now there is HDfury Gamer Edition. This time, cables are connected to the HDfury and the HDfury is enclosed in a casing. This is what we'll be reviewing today.

Like the original HDfury, the Gamer Edition also contains a HDfury module. Instead of a gold casing and having to plug your own cables to the HDfury, a HDMI and VGA cable is already connected to the HDfury which is enclosed in a black housing. No need to go out and buy your extra cables. Just simply plug in the HDMI to your device such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Cable box, etc and the VGA cable to your monitor or display and start it up. Its a simple plug and play device. The HDfury is 100% HDCP compliant. It is not an 'HDCP stripper'. The HDCP copy protected digital signal is first decrypted and then the digital RGB 4:4:4 signal is converted to an analog signal.

Below is a video of the HDfury in action. The same quality is the same. Just that the Gamer Edition has the cables built-in:

Having tested the HDfury Gamer Edition on both a CRT, LCD and HD Monitor, I must say, it works just like the original HDfury. My Dell 24" Widescreen monitor is already HDCP compliant. My CRT and LCD monitors are non-HDCP compliant. Without the use of HDfury, I wouldnt have been able to play my PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 in HD. The images were crisp and the colors were vibrant. Considering I have my consoles and PC near each other, I had enough cable to reach console to HDTV and monitor. Even if the consoles were tucked inside a shelfing, I still had enough cable.

Since I the HDfury Gamer Edition only allows you to connect one device to it, I thought I would try it with a HDMI selector. I tried it with XCM HDMI/DVI Crossover Selector, Joytech TriLink Switcher and Talismoon HDMI Switcher with Remote and all worked. Of course, I would need additional HDMI cables to connec systems to selector. The HDfury Gamer Edition connected to the back of the selector.

Conclusion : Overall, the HDfury Gamer Edition HDMI to VGA is a great plug and play device. If you do not have a HD TV or monitor and want to play your PlayStation 3, Blu-Ray player, Xbox 360 or HD device on your non-HD monitor, this would be the perfect solution. Some devices require a HDCP compliant display but if you dont have this either, dont worry! The HDfury will allow you to play your device. However, whenever there is a product on the market that provides such "service", expect to play a premium especially if they are the only ones on the market. Price is about $112 for the HDfury Gamer Edition but if you dont want to shell out $500+ for a HDTV/monitor, this may be your temporary HD solution. Do note that there is a clone/copy of the original HDfury known as HDfire. DO NOT PURCHASE THE HDFIRE (CLONE).

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