News/release from SG57 via psp hacks

Continuing to make a name for himself is SG57 with two classic cabin-coded clones Minesweeper and Block Dude. Both have been rewritten and redefined in fine homebrew form for your PlayStation Portable.

The source code is said to be available soon; for those who learn better from example.



Move the cursor fast with teh analog stick (good for just starting out randomly selecting squares)
Move the cursor slowly for more precise cursor movement
Press X to activate a square if not already activated and it isnt flagged
Press [] to flag a square as a mine or if it is flagged it removes the flag
Press SELECT to start over and pick your difficulty (easy, intermediate, expert)
Block Dude:


Pretty close to the same graphics as on the calculator, just colored
Has sound effects, just little ones though (from the playSound function in the tiffsdk gfx library)
Included levels are exact replicas of the originals
It supports up to 100 levels named consecutively in the lvl folder from 1.lvl to 100.lvl in a very easy to use map format.>

Download: Minesweeper | Block Dude