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Thread: Review: PSP Slim 2000 Earphone Microphone

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    psp Review: PSP Slim 2000 Earphone Microphone

    PSP Slim 2000 Earphone Microphone
    Manufacturer: Dragonplus
    Site : Buy from GoldenShop
    Price: $13.00

    Overview : Stereo Headphones with Remote Control and Skype Microphone 3-in-1. Listen and control your music playback. Want to talk to your buddies over Skype? Just talk into the microphone and listen to what they have to say!

    Features :
    • Novel design
    • Stereo sound and mega bass of earphone
    • Support MP3 music playback
    • High quality and high sensitive Skype microphone built-in
    • Skype out and Skype in function built-in
    • Without any echo when use in Skype conversation
    • Play, Pause, Hold, Fast Forward, Back Forward and Volume adjust function built-in
    • Reduce the consumption of console by special IC built-in of "wake-up and auto-sleep accompany with console function" <when console is asleep>

    Quality/Usability : By know, you should know that Skype has been released for the PSP Slim. You may have used it already...or some dont have a use for it. For those that do use Skype, you probably use your SOCOM mic or another alternative. Dragonplus, has released a stereo headphones with remote control and skype microphone 3-in-1.

    The 3-in-1 consists of stereo headphones, remote control and microphone. Obviously, the stereo headphones allows you to listen to audio in stereo quality. The remote lets you control your video and music playback as well as volume and the microphone allows you to communicate with your friends whether it be via games or on Skype.

    The sound quality when listening to music or videos is clear. I tested the earphones and I heard my friend clearly. When speaking into the microphone, the other person on the other end heard me clearly as well. The microphone didnt really pick up much background noise.

    The remote control itself is pretty basic and self explanatory. You have you controls such as Play, Pause, Hold, Fast Forward, Back Forward and Volume adjust.

    The back of the remote contains a clip and prevents the remote from dangling or swinging around. You can clip the remote to your shift or shirt pocket. The earphones are short wired. No extra wire length to get you tangled up.

    The earphone quality is sub-par but I prefer to use my own headphones (Sony MDR-EX71SL). Just remember that if you're using a regular headphones that has the long wires, to roll them up or your remote would be dangling near your knees.

    The quality of the remote itself feels sturdy but the buttons felt flimsy but atleast they worked well.

    Conclusion : Overall, PSP Slim 2000 Earphone Microphone is a good product. It works but the quality of the buttons and earphones hampers the design. I suggest using your own headphones. A feature that I feel that should have been added was a FM tuner. I would like to listen to the radio using my PSP.

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