An update on the port of Doom to the Nintendo DS named DoomDS:

Well, its been too long since my last update, but I've been very busy.
Lots of design work has been done over the past few weeks, lots of progress with Doom level editing, but sadly, not alot of progress with the engine.

I've recently decided to learn C++ then move onto OpenGL and then apply what I have learned into DS development. Its going to take a while to get to a decent skill level, but i'm pretty determined and learn fast when i want to. This does not mean I plan to work on the DoomDS engine myself, I am still relying on outside help for that.
I am playing around with the source to some engines already, and its good fun.

There has not been a media update for quite some time, I did post some pictures of the levels over on the dual-soft forums, but other then that I don't plan to release too much. I'd much rather wait until some hardware testing begins and then show some better stuff.
The Chainsaw has just been modeled, lots of map objects such as computer terminals, switches and random equipment have also been modeled. Levels are progressing well too, but there will most likely be changes
once testing begins. Textures are also being pumped out at a nice rate too!

In other news, Stephen Stair is very close to finishing he's work on the DS WiFi code.
He's progress is fantastic and he looks set to claim the bounty, he deserves it.
No doubt we will see a surge in WiFi apps for the DS. Pop over to Stephen's site and check out the progress.

When not working, modeling, mapping, playing games, or sleeping, I've been designing a very simple game purely for WiFi play. It would also be a great single player game, but I think the multiplayer aspect will be alot of fun. Its seems there is more and more that needs to be learned before the DoomDS engine takes shape, this project may serve as a good stepping stone for it, but we shall see.

I will be sure to keep you posted though, no more delayed updates.
Thanks again to everyone who's emailed me, your kind words and suggestions are much appriciated.
Keep them coming.