mhorpheox posted this news/release:

Our user "miro" releases a new version of its Miro Savedata Suite listed here are the news
A useful program for managing your rescue the PSP, you can create bakup, download saves complete and much more ...

Main features:
-- Possibility to open rescues of your PSP simply selecting the name of associated or open the rescue of a folder whatsoever.
-- Ability to create Bakup with the same format as are saved on the PSP (as a folder) or with a new format for rescue PSPSave that contains the rescue compressed into a single file.
-- The files are viewable PSPSave simply opening with a double click and are removable in its original format for PSP.
-- Ability to create a "Stand Alone" that is, make a copy of the program that resides on the memory stick in your PSP in order to show their rescue even on computers that is not installed Miro Savedata Suite. I remember that the programme will open from autorun menu that appears when you connect the PSP to a PC.
-- Possibility to import saves on your PSP (or on an open folder) from an original rescue, a rescue PSPSave or from the Internet
-- For info on how to create a server for making available their rescue read the ReadMe.pdf available along with the program.

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