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Montpsy realizes the final version of his game reflexes "Ultra FastReflexes" here is the comprehensive review.

[v 1] Add 4 languages (5 in all) depending on the configuration of the DS (English, Deutsch, Italiano & Espaņol)
[v 1] Adding a new tune
[v 1] Adding a splash MLLib!
[v 0.3] Gestion Des HighScores
[v 0.3] Saving the best score in the file 'Ultra-FastReflexesScores.sav'
[v 0.2] Integrating timer
[v 0.2] Time Management reflex record and the average reflex
[v 0.1b] Fixed bug that forced a switch off / turn the DS to a new part
[v 0.1] Adaptation on DS
[v 0.1] Discover this game on PSP

How to play:
When you press "Start", the game starts
The corresponding images each has a touch of the DS stylus or appear, press the right button as soon as possible
Attention has not deceive if it is lost!

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