Hi everyone,

I have just got my PSP-290 a few days ago.
MapThis is running smooth on my PSP, thanks to Deniska!:thumbup:

Since I am going to Japan next week, I used GMDL to create POIs from KML. However, only the English words are displayed properly, not the Japanese ones.

I tried to change the encoding of the POI file into all other 3 unicode encodings, or even ANSI, but without success. Is there any hope for me to get this Kanji displayed correctly? Can I used TTF fonts like Arial Unicode MS or even the built-in fonts in f0? Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have been experimenting the PSP-290. It used to give me coords with ~1.6 HDOP with 4 sat fixed a few days ago, but now only 5 fixes can do that. Is my unit malfunctioning? Or I worried too much? Today's better but yesterday it gave me a ~15 HDOP for 5 fixes...