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Thread: UK PSP Version 2.0 Update?

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    Default UK PSP Version 2.0 Update?


    bet this question has been asked loads so sorry for asking again but couldnt find clear answers


    What else can i do with my UK Version 2.0 PSP now?

    Have any hacks/software been released for it?

    or do i still have to wait while my mate plays on his jap PSP with his mighty fine collection of and software!

    Many thanks for your time here dudes.

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    well, theres not too much you can do with your 2.0 psp homebrew-wise other than to downgrade to 1.5, then you have access to everything

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    Ok so no development on the English side yet.

    How do i go about downgrading my psp and what will this allow me to do and what issues are there with doing this??


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    Actually there's been quite a lot of progress.

    We now have an EBOOT loader that attempts to run homebrew eboots on the 2.0 firmware.

    It's still a work-in-progress, but the signs are promising that we'll be able to get some emulators working. Various standalone homebrews also run now, using the loader, including:

    - Attack of the Mutants
    - Doom
    - PSP-Quake

    to give you some idea of what's possible. The only thing that looks like it is definitely impossible is using ISO loaders and UMD emulators under 2.0, because these would require kernel mode access, that's not currently possible.

    Alternatively, you can downgrade your firmware. This gives you full compatibility with all the homebrew, but you lose out on the v2.0 features:

    - AVC video support (smaller files than the SP support on v1.5)
    - ATRAC3plus audio support
    - web browser
    - better wi-fi security

    Plus, to play some of the newer games you'll probably need to run a version changer to fool them that you're still at v2.0.

    So, if you need to use ISOs, you'll have to downgrade. If not, the decision is really down to personal preference.

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    ok thats beautiful thanks a lot buddy.

    ok dont really want to downgrade and i can get the games cheap due to working for a disti but what option am i left with for software? can i use emulators yet and if so what do i need etc?

    really want some emu on it.

    thanks again

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    The only emulator so far known to work properly is the Sega Master System / GameGear emulator.

    There's a PSP Quake port that also works (good for novelty value, but it's only barely playable).

    Attack Of The Mutants is a nicely put together game, works fine.

    You can find other results as reported by various people in this thread

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