Ooh, doesn’t that look nice! Thanks to our love and understanding of the beautiful game, we lucky Europeans are being blessed with this bundle from Nintendo.

The Japanese giant’s latest Mario sports crossover title, Mario Smash Football, is to come bundled with this special edition GameCube – and doesn’t she look bee-yootiful in white?

Retailing at a piffling €99 throughout Europe (expect to pay around Ł70 in Britain), you’d be justified in thinking it should sell quite well. At those prices, it’s almost worth it if you already have a GameCube – just for the game and natty white controller. Though why such an obvious candidate for multiplayer action should only come with one controller is something of a mystery, especially when the Mario Party 7 bundle the Americans are getting – also announced this week – comes with two.

If you don’t have a GameCube, and are thinking of snapping one up late in the day for playing the new Zelda or completing a console collection, you could do a lot worse than this. And you’ll only have to hang on until November the 18th. If you squint when you’re holding the controller, you could pretend you’ve just brought home an Xbox 360. Bonanza!