Mathfacts has contacted me to release publically his game for the PSP, heres the release details:

Unzip and copy the folders picture and picture% to your psp\game directory or to your psp\game150 directory

Compare the two pictures to find the 8 differences. Check your time and beat your friends!

See the screen shot below for the controls

Study the picture that you see. Once you have a good image of it in your mind, press the square key to see the modified picture. When you are looking at the modified picture you will have a red square that you can move around. Highlight the image where you find a difference and press the X key. This will mark the picture with a yellow square. You can swap between the two pictures by pressing the square key again. Continue marking squares until you have identified 8 differences. Once you have marked the 8 spots, press the triangle key to see your results. The game keeps track of your time so you can compare your results with a friend. You can press the right bumper to turn on background music. Press the circle key to skip to the next picture.

I wrote this for my kids after we played this in a magazine. It contains 6 pictures; about 1 to 2 hours of play depending on how sharp you are. Since I modified the pictures, I cannot really play it. My hope is that some of the people that download it make their own pictures so I can play! I've included instructions below that explain how to create your own pictures. (Now get to it!!)

Screenshots and Download Via the Comments and of Course please give Mathfacts Feedback in this release thread.