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Thread: [Release] Wolfenstein 3D V4.8 - Sound Improvements + Lots more!

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    Thumbs up [Release] Wolfenstein 3D V4.8 - Sound Improvements + Lots more!

    Me again

    I worked hard on this today to make up for letting everyone down last week (due to me messing with my operating system and wasting 2 days)

    I am very happy with the end result, some things included in this release were not supposed to be even looked at until v5.0, but I just steamrollered though the "to do list" today I guess.

    Lets run though the changes in this version :

    Sound & Music :

    Yes it is finally better. I would say about 95/100%. It is now the correct tempo, with little to no crackling in-game. Another thing that is fixed sound related is the enemy's voices. They are now the correct pitch and also finish there sentences now!.

    Before they said : "Acht" now it's the correct "Achtung!". They also finish there dying sound effect correctly now too. This is a big fix and really improves the experience a lot.

    Another fix is when pressing the "open door" key the sound used to crackle. This has been fixed in v4.8


    New feature in this release is the ability to quick save & quick load in-game. Saves having to return to the menu all the time.

    Hold "Start" and press the "L trigger" to save or Hold "Select" and press the "L trigger" to load.

    The saving/loading is still slow, however I know how to fix the issue I just have not got round to doing it yet. It will definitely be in for version v4.9.

    Graphics :

    I have enabled Vsync in this version. It improves the game a lot. There is little to no "ghosting" in v4.8 as a result.

    Controls :

    The controls have finally been updated in v4.8, Dpad is now default for movement, to change to analog see below :

    Here is the new mapping :

    Use Dpad for movement : Hold the "L Trigger" and press "start".
    Use Analog for movement : Hold the "R trigger" and press "Start".
    Fire : Press the "R Trigger"
    Strafe : Hold "Square"
    Open Doors : Press "Cross/X"
    Look : Hold the "L Trigger"
    Back to menu : Press "Triangle"
    Weapons :

    Yes, you can now finally change weapons in my Wolf3D port.

    How to change ? Well it depends on whether your using analog or dpad. Whichever your using for movement, use that device to change weapons.

    DPad/Analog Up : Weapon 1
    DPad/Analog Down : Weapon 2
    DPad/Analog Left : Weapon 3
    Dpad/Analog Right : Weaon 4
    Cheats :

    For those of you that like a helping hand, cheats support has now being added

    To activate cheats :

    Here is a list of all available cheats and how to activate them :



    Info : Makes you invulnerable to damage.
    To Enable : Hold Start + Square + Circle + Right


    Info : Gives you the "Chain Gun", Both keys, Full health & 99 Ammo.
    To Enable : Hold Start + Square + Up + Cross


    Info : I honestly Don't know what this does.
    To Enable : Hold Start + Square + Right + Circle
    The game also seems more stable now. I think the crashes have stopped also, This has not being tested that long though. There has also been fixes to all the game loader bugs.

    For all other fixes see changelog.

    Changelog :

    - Fixed Music. Only slight discrepancy in-game. Now proper Tempo too.
    - Fixed Sounds. Guards voices are now normal pitch and tempo.
    - Fixed Guards voices not finishing alert call & Death shout. They now say the full alert shout and full death shout sounds.
    - Fixed bug in game loader where it wouldn't start if you had your game cpu speed set to 333mhz in xmb.
    - Added Vsync. Game graphics are a lot smoother now, with a lot less ghosting.
    - Added ability to change weapons in-game.
    - Fixed crackling sound when pressing the door open button. Now doesn't crackle at all.
    - Added ability to change between either Analog or Dpad for movement in-game.
    - Added in-game quick save & quick load.
    - Added cheat support. These must be done in-game by holding set buttons. (see cheats.txt for list of cheats)
    - Fixed bug in gameloader where you sometimes couldn't hear gunshot sound on game select.
    - Fixed bug in gameloader that made it sometimes start the wrong game.
    - Slight Code clean-up.
    So that's it. Quite a major improvement overall. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to explain everything properly to save myself being swamped with questions.

    I would recommend upgrading to 4.01 M33-2 if you haven't already. The game seems the most stable on that firmware.

    Thanks to Da1writer & Ashtr for continually finding bugs, and to Da1writer for making the excellent readme/faq that now comes bundled with each new release. Stuck, cant get it to work? Take a look at that!

    Hope you all enjoy it :thumbup:

    Source Included.

    Screenshot :

    Download & Give Feedback Via Comments
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    Sweet release.

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    I like vsync and sound improvements :thumbup:.

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    Great job dude, I wish I could try it.

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    If anyone is wondering, it is an old readme bundled in with this version of Zack's Wolfenstein Port. It is quite helpful but for those wanting an updated readme, click the below, click on whichever one you prefer. Txt file is just a conversion, sorry. Great release as always Zack, lovin' what you doin' !

    Dammit, SOD3 still crashing on my PSP Phat. I guess I'm going to have to convince my wife that I need the new PSP Slim. Just like the new PSP, It's going to be a very slim chance of me getting it knowing my wife.

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    great work, going to try this in a bit. Keep it up
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    Nice job Zion, Wolfenstein is a classic!

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    Wow, nice man. You have been busy.....:thumbup:

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    Holy Crap Zack!I found the problem of why SOD3 has been crashing! Whatever you did to cleanup the code/fix in SOD3, the CONFIG file is obsolete now. The CONFIG file IS the reason of the crashes! I removed the file and SOD3 loads up just fine! Plays even better than before! With your permission, I would like to edit the portion of SOD3 in the Readme. I repeat, to every user, delete ALL CONFIG files in all your wolf game folders (SOD2, SOD3, WOLF3D, etc.) They are the reason of any major crashes!

    Edit: New Readme's are pulled down until further notice from Zack.
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