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Thread: OpenChoice Shell - GLUE V1.0 "BUILD 0C000" is completed.

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    psp OpenChoice Shell - GLUE V1.0 "BUILD 0C000" is completed.

    News/release from Xart:

    This project is an open source shell for the PSP that is at the moment is getting developed.
    People like to customized things and for most users, they simply don't know how to do so, this project is aimed to change all that, it will allow a beginner to customize his or her PSP for the stuff they use on it

    The concept of how the shell works is modular, it is simply made up of a collection of small homebrew apps passing a message to the shell and vice verser.

    GLUE V1.0 "BUILD 0C000" is completed.
    SHELL is very much in development stage, close to an Alpha release.

    SHELL will be very customizable by any end user with no programming skills required.

    One will be able to make fancy Menus and Sub-Menus for all his or her homebrew, ISOs "persinal backups", Emulators etc...

    They will be a offical webpage for this Project that will include the source code for anyone that is into PSP Development.

    Following this project will be OpenChoice Packs to show how one can customize the shell.

    Credits so Far
    xart : project leader and sole developer for now plus designer of OpenChoice default look.
    alfatreae : logo designer & naming of project.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Wtf...^^^ spam

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    sounds very interesting keep us posted

    oh yea SPAM wtf. chensaok you suck

    there, i just sent them a pleasant email telling them my position on their advertising tactics (form my spoof account of course)

    edit yay no more spam
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