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Thread: Darkfader Apologises about the DS Brick

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    Default Darkfader Apologises about the DS Brick

    Now this is long overdue and to be honest an extremely foolish thing to do in the first place, but the creator of the DS Brick Apologises, heres the full post:

    I want to say sorry to everyone out there. I should have realized the impact. Not just few DS'es that were hurt, but all the damn media and whatnot.
    I cannot really justify my actions. It was also very selfish to draw some attention, which I tend to do in odd ways.
    It caused some harm to some non-targetted and targetted people owning a DS with non-Nintendo-approved hardware.
    And that is a terrible thing to do. Even more so with the reputation I had in the DS homebrew scene that now completely abandoned me.
    I do not have clear reasons and I can't blaim the little headache I had at the time. I just had to realize the idea I had after seeing the PSP variant of a bricker.
    The files do not come with any form of name/signature of me, a thing I would do if it could be trusted.
    I won't release any more of this crap for DS and I don't think parts of this trojan or the idea itself will emerge in future homebrew releases.
    The point is probably clear. Do not run any form of untrusted code that just suddenly appears without any name.
    If you only use official Nintendo games, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
    Untrusted code includes ROM loaders and that sort of stuff. It's probably not a very good reason since it has been proven before.
    I can tell that the negative feedback is far greater than the positive ones. I received one donation of $6.66 and I'm not proud of it.
    One news site completely ignores the r0mloader version and reasoning behind it. grrrrr.
    Another common mistake: A TROJAN IS NOT A VIRUS! That means that it does not propagate on its own. And thus non-intrusive.

    Heres his site: -->

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