In our last Mario Kart DS post, we managed to find a video of the game’s Wi-Fi menu screens in action, but we didn’t get a taste for the gameplay evident in the other missing files. Thankfully, a free RapidShare download mirror of the 40MB of zipped-up content has been made available, and we can now indulge in seven fast in-game videos (even if they’re in Spanish and missing sound).

There are many things you can catch in the videos, whether running driving missions (Misiones) on a giant DS (BatallaGlobos), editing the design on the front of your kart (Vinilos), or even Wario pumping his frosty fists after a successful strike (CircuitoNevado). What’s most impressive, however, is squeezing visuals onto the handheld that look more like the N64 version of MK than the SNES one.

Download the Mario Kart Video here -->