Newly released at Play asia:

The Konamistyle Special edition of Sora no Kiseki 3 has arrived today, together with the PSP game, this package comes with a stylishly designed pouch, an artbook and a set of badges neatly aligned in a special box.

As the third installment of the Eiyuu Densetsu sub series, this game serves as a connection point between Sora no Kiseki and Eiyuu Densetsu VII. Search for clues and directions as to where the hit RPG series will lead to with the additional material that comes with this special edition.

The 48 page colored artbook that comes with the package contain high quality images of crucial scenes drawn by Haccan, the famous illustrator. Enjoy the artwork and search for hints to fuel your anticipation for the next game.

Show that you support your favorite character by pinning their badge on your clothes. This special edition of Sora no Kiseki 3 comes with a total of 50 tin badges featuring major and not so major characters of the series. With so many characters and colors, at least one of them will suit the color scheme of your outfit.

Since your Sony PSP console is the channel to your adventure, keep it safe, clean, and unscathed and the stylish pouch that comes with the bundle serves this purpose most aptly.

It is thickly padded and very light, it will protect your console from physical impacts like bumps or minor falls. Aside from serving the practical aspects, it is visually appealing as it is printed with the game's logo in a sharp silver color on the black leathery material.

The Konamistyle Special Edition of Sora no Kiseki 3 is here to wrap up your exciting week and is sold for US$ 99.90 as a region free Japnanese version for Sony PSP™.

Prior to the release of the special edition, Sora no Kiseki 3 is published as a standard edition and this is available at for US$ 48.90 only.