New press release:

Gizmondo USA Inc. subsidiary of Jacksonville, Florida-based Tiger Telematics Inc (other OTC, TGTL) today announced details relating to the incredible satellite navigation options and pricing for the Gizmondo handheld multi-entertainment device launching in North America on 22nd October 2005 for $229 (SRP).

The six entertainment-based core functions of the Gizmondo make it the most powerful and compelling GPS navigation aid available. In addition to the arsenal of features that include next- gen games, DVD-quality movies, awesome MP3 playback, a razor-sharp digital camera, picture and text messaging, email and location-based services, the Gizmondo is also an accomplished piece of GPS hardware.

Not only can the user enjoy the maximum entertainment on the move, with the additional of Gizmondo NavigatorTM 2006 the Gizmondo becomes a fully fledged and portable satellite navigation handheld.

Developed with ALK Technologies, a leading developer of navigation and mapping solutions, the Gizmondo Navigator 2006 will be available separately in four individual regions (East Coast, Mid-West, West Coast, and South West) for $169 (SRP), as well as entire USA option for $249 (SRP).

A complete system bundle is also available for an amazing $399 (SRP), including software and a Smart ADDs-enabled Gizmondo. Accessories also available include a deluxe in-car option of a powered cradle, which will also enable the user to mount the Gizmondo on the dashboard or windshield.

Gizmondo Navigator 2006 powered by CoPilot is supplied by region on SD (Secure Digital) card provides the user with powerful trip calculation and extremely detailed street maps, allowing satellite navigation to a specific house number, Zip code, street or one of thousands of points of interest in fantastic 3D or 2D, complete with turn-by-turn voice instructions.

The award-winning CoPilot software, customized specifically for Gizmondo, will also plan routes in advance, calculate the best new route if a turn is missed, and divert around hold ups at the touch of a button. Customers can use the product in-car or to find their way on-foot. Throughout its 25-year history, ALK has been a leader in advancing the state of the art in transportation technology.

Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director, ALK Technologies Ltd, says: "ALK's navigation and routing technology has been developed, enhanced, and refined over the past 25 years, and our CoPilot software is recognised worldwide as one of the most advanced and user-friendly satellite navigation packages available. Coupling our software expertise with this exciting piece of entertainment technology provides the end user with the best of both worlds; an advanced satellite navigation application, and entertainment wherever the road takes you."

Carl Freer, co-founder and Chairman, Tiger Telematics, says: "We're being extremely aggressive in our pricing of the Satellite Navigation functionality because we know it's going to be one of the most desirable technology applications this Christmas selling period." He added, "When factor in all of what this tiny device will do, it's no wonder it's quoted as being the most powerful handheld available."

Gizmondo is powered by Microsoft Windows CE advanced real-time operating system, boasting a 2.8-inch TFT colour screen with a Samsung ARM9 400Mhz processor and incorporates the GoForce 3D 4500 NVIDIA graphics accelerator. It provides cutting-edge gaming, multimedia messaging, an MP3 music player, Mpeg4 movie playing capability, a digital camera and a GPRS network link to allow wide-area network gaming. Additionally, it contains a GPS chip for location-based services, is equipped with Bluetooth for use in multi-player gaming and accepts SD and MMC card accessories.