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Thread: Chromium Wars

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    ps3 Chromium Wars

    Alienware has released a new homebrew game for the PS3 which is a mod of the game Bunny Blast using the BDJ Method:

    This is a mod of the java game BUNNY BLAST for PS3.I just change the sprites.
    The sprites comes from a homebrew game for psp and pc.
    So,this will be the first homebfrew mod for PS3,the game plays exactly like bunny blast,but with better graphics,change the bunny for a spaceship and turtles enemys by alien spaceships.
    Hope you like the changes,and I hope this will lead to something.

    To install,copy the AVCHD folder to the root of a memory stick or usb flash drive,go to video on PS3,select the device,select AVCHD,when menu apears select bonus,and game... (X = ENTER)
    HAVE FUN...

    Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    The download is for Snake 1.1 fixed. Not the game posted.

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