News from Lik Sang

The popular turn-based strategy series that began 15 years ago on the NES takes on a new dimension this week with the US GameCube release. For centuries humans and half-man/half-beast demi-humans have battled on the continent of Tellius. Finally after established an uneasy peace, the kingdom of Daein launches an unprovoked attack, and all hell breaks loose. Lead character Ike and his team mates, including shape-shifters who transform into beasts, must fight to save the day, and earn their pay along the way. As with past Fire Emblem titles, there's a strong story here, and characters, each with different views, morals and responsibilities, will grow and change profoundly over the adventure. Furthermore, if team mates often fight close together, they slowly form a bond and will support each other more during battle with extra attack, defense and other helpful inputs.

Other new additions include a new skill system that unlocks abilities as time goes on, ensuring your strategies are ever changing; for example Stealth can be used to sneak behind enemy lines. To help protect your fighters, you can select an enemy and see how far they can move, or if a comrade is in sudden danger, but it's not their turn, a near by team mate can "shove" them out of harms way. Allowing you more control than ever, you can now forge your own bow, lance, axe, magical tome or sword, complete with custom Attack, Hit, Critical and Weight values, along with your own choice of color and name. With full 3D battles, progressive scan support, beautifully drawn and animated cut scenes, and a dramatic fantasy score, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance will be in stock early this week, and pre-orders are still being accepted now.