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    ps3 Soul Calibur IV

    Newly released in the USA at Amazon USA:

    The Classic Fighter Returns

    Return to witness the epic struggle between the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, and the cursed sword, Soul Edge, in Soul Calibur IV. Warriors from far reaches of the galaxy battle to control the powerful swords and use them for their own goals. Should these fighters succeed, they will face the ultimate judgment. The ongoing story continues with new revelations, exciting new gameplay features and stunning visuals. And perhaps most exciting of all, a character from the Star Wars universe will also make an appearance.

    Key Features

    Newest addition to the Soul Calibur series features thrilling next-gen graphics brimming with intensity
    Continues the struggle between the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, and the cursed sword, Soul Edge
    Features the infamous Darth Vader as a guest character
    Expanded customization options let you give your character a personalized look and specific abilities
    Take both customized characters and original favorites online for the first time
    Exclusive Special Characters

    Revered and feared Star Wars Sith Lord Darth Vader appears as a guest character in the PlayStation 3 version of Soul Calibur IV. In addition to that thrilling fact, you'll also discover expanded customization options that let you bestow your character with a personalized look and specific abilities. And, for the first time, you'll be able to take both customized characters and original favorites online to challenge an entire world of fans. Completely reinvented but with the same intensity you've come to know, Soul Calibur IV provides an adventure that never disappoints.

    Thrilling Next-Gen Graphics
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    Online Challenges!
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    Product Description
    Set to finally reveal the origins of this ongoing story, Soul Calibur IV features new and familiar faces from across the galaxy, seeking rival swords for vengeance, honor and salvation. Shown in amazing 720p HD graphics, new and classic characters fight in a revamped battle system to revolutionize the fighting game genre. From character customization to online battles, the features of Soul Calibur IV help propel this venerable franchise into the next generation of gaming. Sith Lord Darth Vader appears exclusively on the Playstation 3 system. Story - Uncover each character's story line as you battle to reveal their motives Arcade - Take on the challenge in battle after battle in this classic arcade mode Tower of Lost Souls - Fight in special battles to challenge your fighting skills and customizing skills in order to reap the rewards Training - Practice your skills to earn your place as the ultimate weapon master Character creation - Create a character unlike any other, with custom looks and items influencing their skills and abilities, which will affect the outcome of your impending battles Museum View - movies, backgrounds and art that you have unlocked Standard VS - Battle one on one in this classic match up for ultimate bragging rights Special VS - Take your customized SC character or newly created character into the world arena and prove if your creation is the best in the world Online Battles - Multiple online versus modes and ranking styles will allow fans to test their fighting and management skills

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    Yoda vs. Vader! Awesome!

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