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Thread: Question about SuperPass Key

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    Default Question about SuperPass Key

    I went to cause i was thinking about buy the Superpass Key, but I saw a note that said "Note: If the serial number of your NDS start with '12' or later(e.g. NU12255608(4)), your console is not compatible with SuperPass." I mines is NU40 does that mean i am unable to user superpass or has it been updated to work on some newer. Also if it doesnt work should i go with Passme instead

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    Goto and check their compatability list. I have 41 and the M3/G6 PassMe works fine. Theres a very good chance (if your DS is silver) that it will work no problem. I had the same worries as you though

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    thanks for the info but is the passme just like superpass. I mean do you think that the info in dspassme can apply to superpass

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