Remember back at TGS when Nintendo finally unveiled the Revolution controller, causing the entire internet to spontaneously explode? Well, you might also remember the company's video featuring a whole host of prominent developers gushing over the Revolution wand at the end of its presentation - and they don't come much more prominent than Hideo Kojima.
The Metal Gear creator mentioned at the time that his team was looking into Revolution development but now it seems that US magazine Game Informer has had confirmation during a chat with the man himself that work on a brand new title is officially underway.

Kojima is working with his Metal Gear Ac!d team on the still undisclosed - but almost certainly unrelated to the Metal Gear series - title, which can only be good news for Nintendo, securing the indisputable talents of such a high-profile developer for its next-gen machine.
We'll have more news on the mystery game just as soon as Kojima's ready to slap his bacon on the counter.