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devkitARM release 17

Updated to gcc 4.0.2.
Improved patch to newlib to aid stdio support.
Ndstool embedded default arm7 core updated.

libnds 20051018

further doxygenation of headers.
corrected BG_BMP8_1024x512 & BG_BMP8_512x1024 defines.
added lcdMainOnTop() and lcdMainOnBottom().
Touchscreen code uses ratiometric mode, locks touchscreen on and takes a weighted average of several readings.
Added imageTileData(sImage* img) to allow loading of pcx as sprite data.
Updated pcx.c to set image bit per pixel field.
Altered glTexLoadPal to accept a texture slot to allow multiple texture palettes.
safer nested interrupt support

libnds example code

Updated for libnds changes.
Added touchscreen test example.

libgba 20051020

begin doxygenation of headers.
replaced systemcall macros with static inlines.
use enumerations to aid doxygenation.
interrupt code reworked to use masks directly.
safer interrupt nesting.
corrected rot/scale register definitions.

libgba example code

Updated for libgba changes.
Added Apex Audio example.