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October 19, 2005: sgIP (5am)
As promised, I'm working on a TCP stack to call my own, and as for names, it just doesn't get much better than sgIP (thanks to Rusty_ in #dsdev for suggesting this name) I've spent the past day or two with my nose deep in several RFCs, and have now started to put my newfound knowledge to good use - the stack is just getting started but the design for it is quite solid. Anyway, I'll add more info here when I get it a bit more complete.

October 21, 2005: More about sgIP (5am)
Progress is continuing on sgIP - as of right now the core data/glue routines are done, the ARP system is mostly done and IP/TCP/UDP have been started. I'm too tired to continue tonight, will be back working on it when I wake up.