Since I announced that I was working on this project I've had loads of people requesting to ‘beta test' the port. To all of those people I say thanks for the offer, but there won't be any early versions being sent to you. In my experience requests like these are, more often than not, just somebody trying to get hold of a copy so they can either leak it to the world at large before it's truly ready, or just show off to their friends etc. Very rarely does any quality beta testing information come back in these situations. Now, I have sent a few copies of an early beta out to people from the xbox scene that I trust and have worked with in the past. So there are people pointing out to me what's good and what might be improved upon. Until I decide to do a general release those are the only people that are going to get any advance versions, so please stop asking.

Time for a bit of good news - I know when it's going to be released! . More precisely, I know when I would like to release it and am working towards getting the first public beta ready for then. I'm not going to tell anyone what that date is, so don't ask! Rest assured, there is a date and it's not all that far away.