Gamecop messaged me on IRC (efnet #dcemu) this following news posted at 1Emulation:

1Emulation and its co-partners are proud to present you our first major exclusive! We have worked hard to finally make this place appreciated throughout the entire emulation and gaming community.

Stephen Stair (SgStair) has sent us first teaser video for his DSWifi. The DS Wifi project is a homebrew library for the Nintendo DS to allow developers to add wireless internet support to their applications. This has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE and the wait has been anxious for all Nintendo DS homebrew developers. Stephen has made his first teaser video of his project that is almost complete. We are both working together to present you the most anticipated homebrew project on the internet.

This is only the first teaser video of a couple more we will release.

Check it out at the link above and tell us what you think