Neo MultiGame Loader by Davr

Finally, after much delay, I've gotten a working multigame loader for the Nintendo DS NeoFlash flashcart. Currently, it supports Nintendo DS homebrew in the .ds.gba format, and Gameboy Advance games in the .gba format. .nds homebrew files can easily be converted to .ds.gba.
The interface is Darkain's MultiNDS loader.

1. Copy 'neoboot.bin' to your Neo Power Kit folder. (Usually C:\NEO Power Kit\)
2. Put the N.P.K in "GBA Mode" by running "GBA_Mode.bat"
3. The first time, you must remove all the contents of the NeoFlash (in order to force the loader to be added). After this, you can add or remove single games without removing everything.
4. Add either Gameboy Advance games (.gba), or Nintendo DS Homebrew in the .ds.gba format in Neo Power Kit.
5. Turn on your DS. You must use either FlashME, PassME (or one of the clones, like Magic Key) or WifiME
6. When the menu loads, if you want to play a NDS Homebrew game, press 'A' to start the game.
If you want to play a Gameboy Advance game, press the 'GBA' button on the touchscreen.

NOTE: If the NDS header can not be found, the title used will be the title shown in the NPK when you are writing the game. You can change this title by double-clicking on it. (You can not change it after it has been written to the cart, without removing it first)

1. Make NDS header/icon reading more accurate - only works on some homebrew currently
2. Add support for .nds without loaders
3. Make the GBA games play on the screen you chose in your firmware settings. Also turn off the other screen.

Download via the comments: