WRG have released a DS loader that can be used for Homebrew. You can now play Homebrew with any older generation gba flashcart but you must own a passme/flashme. This loader supports more then 90% clean dump and 90% sram save patch.

Heres the info:

1.Run loadme.exe.
2.Open or drag&drop a nds/ids (Yes,iQue DS rom can run
on Nintendo DS now, no ONLY FOR iQue DS screen
anymore) file on the programme.
3.Click Apply Loader.
4.Burn the output.gba to your flashcart and enjoy.

*Option explanation*
Data Reading:
These are 2 different data reading code for the
loader, choose one as you wish, both mode should
work as the same feature.

Sram Patch:
If your DS is the old one that support
normal passme,use the default one (save to 0A000000)

If your DS is the new one with the new version
firmware such as iQue DS, you have to select
another one(save to 0A001000).Cos' the new
passme code need 4K bootstrap code placed in
SRAM, so 0A000000 ~ 0A000fff is used for this
bootstrap code.

Download via the comments, post your findings and any compatibility