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We love Mario Kart. The diehards whinged that Double Dash was a blaspheme against the series' roots, but we loved the utterly unfair at time co-op whacky races action. Oh the joy. Sod the diehards - it ruled.
Since we found out about the track remixes from all the past Mario Kart games too, we've been *even more* excited about the up coming DS game... if that's even possible.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Here's a selection of videos from Nintendo's very first online Mario Kart title out in Europe this November for the DS. Don't forget - you can play LAN multiplayer with 8 players and when the online dongle comes out (big online-related announcement coming next week apparently so stay tuned for that), you'll be able to plug into a game with three other Kart enthusiasts from anywhere in the world. Except maybe third-world countries as they don't have proper/any internet.

Of course, if you don't have enough friends Nintendo suggests that you could always hire in some Escorts*, as they'll be anyone's friend for a price. Or just set the multiplayer characters to 'com' controlled. But of course, that would be boring.
Till the game's out, have a gander at the videos we've enclosed. We're sure you'll agree that they're rather lovely indeed.

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