Famitsu magazine has spilled the beans on the various game modes that will be featured in the DS remake, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. The single-player campaign includes two modes: Rebirth & Retro. Rebirth will feature touch screen controls and smarter zombies. Unlike the original, players will have quick access to the knife and can also reload without entering the inventory menu. Rebirth will also include new traps. Retro, of course, is the original Resident Evil in all its gloryŚno stylus support.

Deadly Silence will also feature two wireless multiplayer modes. Co-op will challenge players to work in tandem to defeat a horde of zombies; while Versus awards the player that has killed the most zombies in a round. Wi-Fi support (via Nintendoĺs wireless network) has not been confirmed. Deadly Silence will be released in Japan in January.