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Thread: XBOX HARD DRIVE CHECKING....Please help.

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    Default XBOX HARD DRIVE CHECKING....Please help.

    Alright, here is the situation:
    I have a BROKEN XBox that I don't know if it's mine or not. I tried to match the serial with my books and others but it does not match with ANYTHING, because I even went to Wal-Mart to check other XBoxes if they have the same serial number anywhere else.

    So here is what I did:
    I thought in orderI took the harddrive out of my XBox and put it in a friend's, and it came up with an error that says my XBox needs repair. So I tried to hook it on my computer to check the memory, but it does not give me a new drive. I read some articles about unlocking, but I am reallly confused on how to do it.

    Please if someone can help, it would be very highly appreciated, tell me how to unlock and view my memory?

    Many thanks and sorry for the long story and problem.

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    How does the situation whereby you dont know about the possesion of the xbox arrise?

    Anyway, I'm gonna recommend you go to and look at their tutorials on hotswapping your xbox drive.

    I also recommend you go onto their forums and tell them of your issues, and also tell them which error number is being displayed, to quality guys there who will sort out you problem, if its sortable!

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