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Thread: Lunar Dragon Song Review by Cross

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    Default Lunar Dragon Song Review by Cross

    Cross has done a review of the game Lunar Dragon Song Review, heres some info about the game:

    Discover the events prior to Lunar: Silver Star Story in this role playing game for Nintendo DS featuring three new characters. Battle the forces of evil and transform Dark creatures into Light with the new Light and Dark system. Augment the abilities of your party via Battle Cards, and then exchange cards over wireless LAN with your friends.

    The game takes place 1,000 years before Lunar Silver Star Story and follows Gien Campbell, a 15-year-old delivery boy. Gien receives a delivery request to the town of Heelritz, a town of half-beasts. Although it's a place Gien has dreamed of, he finds out the dreamland is far from perfect.

    Lunar lets you move around the map by simply tapping a point on the touch screen. Battles in the game use both screens to show grounded and airborn enemies. The game also feature controls dictated to the built-in microphone.

    Heres an excerpt from the review:

    There is a clock and area setup. You can still see the bad guys but when experiance mode you are timed and shown how many bad guys there are (but not where they are). If you beat all of them in an area before the click goes all the way around you get 30% HP/MP restored and access to a Blue Chest with a special item in it. All and all this s not hard but you must be in experiance mode and you must beat them all. Every time the timer makes a full rotation one enemy reappears.

    Read the full review here -->

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    they could have done better with this game.

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