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Thread: Plz Help a Noob :-(

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    Default Plz Help a Noob :-(

    Hi all,

    I'm a total noob to the DS Homebrew scene .....

    This is what i've worked out, can somebody confirm???

    SuperPassKey = Used with a commercial game, bypasses a security check???

    Supercard = Shove your SD card in there to play homebrew etc.

    SD Card = Storage for Homebrew etc.

    Card Reader = Used to put stuff onto SD Card.

    That's what i think everything is for, am i right?!

    Also, i've heard that only certain DS's can play the Supercard etc. How can you tell if the DS can play it or not?!?!?!?

    Finally, is there more than one type of Supercard, which should i get?!

    Once more thing, is there anything else i need?!

    Thx, please help, 03.

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    i would say buy an M3 comes with the superpasskey and its just overall better.

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