Initially speaking about Nintendo's wi-fi service, Merrick laid bare Nintendo's plans to set up 25,000 wireless hotspots throughout Europe, empowering gamers to run free through the city streets whilst partaking in a heated game of Mario Kart DS.

Some rare Revolution details were also offered in the interview, such as reaffirming that graphically a "difference will not exist" between the console and its competitors. According to Merrick, Nintendo hopes to launch Revolution in all territories within a 14 week period.

Merrick additionally had good news regarding Revolution's retro download service. Apparently, old titles will have improved frame rates, while being available to users from any region, so Europeans can finally enjoy overseas-only titles such as Nintendo's Sin & Punishment, without any import related mischief.
Unfortunately, we cannot expect to be wowed by any Revolution titles this side of Christmas. "We want to wait until everything is ready, and when we show the Revolution's titles for the first time, they will be playable with the final system," said Merrick. "Miyamoto doesn't like to show incomplete games".