Moi has taken over the Radquake project after it was left by those before him and has done a great update to it, heres whats new in this port of Quake to the Dreamcast:[br][br] What is added/fixed in this Beta? [br]-------------------------------------- [br]-Modlist re-added (no more single mod CDs !) [br]-Resolution fixed to 320x240, 'centerprint'-using mods like Prydon Gate and JoyMenu work properly again [br]-characters face display on the VMU's screen is deactivated by default (caused slowdowns when using [br]non-SEGA VMUs) [br]-STEPSIZE-define fixed(caused problems with some mods, like Envenom) [br]-'crosshair 1' is activated automatically [br]-'gamma 0.8' is set automatically [br][br]Download from Here