Major news from Lik Sang

Connectivity is all the rage now. Nintendo succeeds in bringing NDS gamers all over the world together with their new online multiplayer stint, tagged "Easy. Safe. Free" in Japan. It's definitely time to expand your own personal gaming community, by finding your match in a bunch of upcoming games for the versatile handheld, with Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing: Wild World leading the way. The NDS built-in receiver allows you to compete against other players whereever a Wi-Fi hot spot is close. Nintendo also unveiled a new Wi-Fi adapter for the Nintendo DS, which offers the option to plug the USB connector into your computer's USB port to enjoy the service through your own wired internet connection (broadcasted wirelessly to your NDS), in case there's a lack of a nearby Wi-Fi station. For Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, the online service is free; Nintendo announced at the beginning of October that it is up to third-party publishers, whether they want to follow the same path or opt for paid subscription schemes. The network lets you use friends lists when searching for online opponents, while competing against "rivals" or random players (nationally or on a global scale) is also possible.

Read on further below, where we go into more detail about these highly anticipated, first online titles for Nintendo DS (we serve some movies as well!). Mario Kart is pure racing fun gone handheld, with fresh features and dual-screen gameplay comfort. Off- or online, it will be one of the most popular NDS titles of the now gearing up Christmas season. Available on November 14th for just US$ 49.90 (shipped!). Animal Crossing: Wild World brings the superb GameCube game experience to Ninty's current handheld generation: a bustling village of your own, with lots of additional interactive features. Watch out for the Japanese release on November 23rd, while the US version is due on December 5th - both are just US$ 49.90 each and eligible for our Free Shipping Worldwide promotion as well. The brilliant Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector will be offered on the same day as Mario Kart DS: the online party starts on November 14th, we recommend preordering now to join the action right from the beginning.