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Watch out for freakin', flyin' Koopa shells once again with the latest Mario Kart edition, this time for Nintendo DS. Super Mario Kart on SuperNes is one of the most popular titles of all time, and this latest version seems to sport some additional features that might even top all what has been done before. Running in smooth 60 frames per second, Mario Kart DS is a super-fast 3D racing beauty to behold. Follow the action on the upper screen, while monitoring your progress on the bottom one, where the track map gets displayed. Race and battle wireless against a whole gang of famous Nintendo icons: the all-star cast includes Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser and Toad! You can definitely feel the difference in speed and handling between them: smaller characters jump off the line more quickly than heavier ones for example. Similar to the N64 and GameCube versions of Mario Kart, the NDS edition also employs a power-sliding boost technique, activated by the R shoulder button within a slide. By using the D-pad, players can get an extra jolt of speed when coming out of the bend.

Compete with up to four people online wirelessly using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or race up to eight people using one game cartridge with local wireless connection. Go wild on 30 courses designed to replicate the best tracks from past games as well as all-new courses. The touchscreen can be used to create your own kart emblem for the game. In addition to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Mario Kart DS features five different game modes. VS and Battle are available in Multiplayer Mode for up to eight players and all modes can be accessed by single players. There is Grand Prix, Time Trials, VS, Battle and Missions, where clearing all promises a big reward at the end. Mario Kart DS still puts heavy emphasis on pick-up power-ups. While turtle shells and banana peels return, the DS edition has a power-up that can be launched ahead of the kart, where the blast radius can take out more than one racer, depending on your accuracy. Just watch out for the most devastating of weapons: the winged blue spiky shell, which seeks out the current first place holder. Kaboom! A true handheld gaming winner, Mario Kart DS is a genre fan's ultimate dream-fulfilling release. Be sure to preorder your copy now.

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