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Thread: FileAssistant++ 1.0 released

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    Thumbs up FileAssistant++ 1.0 released

    Shazz has posted this great news in our Submit News forum-->

    71M & Shazz From TiTAN Demo division

    are proud to release FileAssistant++ 1.0

    So many new features that I'm too lazy to rewrite them (read the readme, hope you like video, soundchip and running homebrew and UMDs )

    Go there !

    In order to comply with the request that Shazz posted youll have to download and please donate if you like /use the excellent release from the release thread here -->

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    Thumbs up

    I posted the readme for people.

    _ _____
    . )/\ \ .
    _ __ __| ___________\ \____\|__ __ _
    \ \_))/|/ \ / _/|\((_/ /
    | _ _ |
    .:...... | ( oO ) | .....:.
    :::: !| | ::::
    ______ :::: ___ _____ ! __________ ____________
    __( /________ ___(__/___ __( /_______ ____\__ / \ ___ /
    \ ____// / \ / \ ___/ / \ (/ / (/ /
    \ (/ /_ / (/ /_ / /______/ /_
    _ _______________\__________________________\_______ ______\ _ /_______\
    .... . .... /
    :::: | | ::::
    .::::... |! .t.i.t.a.n. | ..::::.
    _ __ | | __ _
    \ \_))_|\___________________|((_/ /
    :.vk^awd^ttn :

    TiTAN demo division
    Is Proud To Present You

    FileAssistant++ v.1.0

    The multimedia File
    Browser for your PSP

    I. What's new

    1.1 Various File support

    - Lua Interpreter v0.12 supported (LUA files)
    - ASCII file basic reader (TXT files)
    - Built-in Flash support greatly improved (SWF files)

    1.2 Video

    - Video files support : (AVI, MOV, MPEG)

    1.3 Core Functionalities

    - FTP client support thru wifi
    - Run any PSP executables (ELF files and fake EBOOT.PBP) and go back to FA++ when exiting
    - Run any UMD (umd:/SYSDIR/EBOOT.BIN) and go back to FA++ when exiting

    1.4 Music:

    - Support for C64 SID chiptunes (SID files)
    Grab tunes here !

    - Support for Atari ST and Amiga (SC68 files)
    Grab tunes here !

    - Support for Atari XL chiptunes (SAP files)
    Grab tunes here !

    - Support for Nintendo NES chiptunes (NSF files)
    Grab tunes here !

    - Spectrum analyser
    - DSP effects (spatial, echo)
    - Music information (author, title) in the scrollbar for some music formats
    - Multiple music file selection and playback

    1.4 Image:

    - Zoom using analog stick

    1.5 Customisation

    - More HUD configuration variables have been added, see seperate skin readme.

    II. Features

    FileAssistant++ is a multimedia file browser that allows you to browse
    any file on the PSP filesystem (memory stick, flash, umd) and any remote
    file located on a FTP server thru Wifi.

    While conencted to a computer (PC, Mac,...) using the USB wire, it is possible
    to browse and update the files located on the PSP memory stick from the computer.

    More than browsing the file, FA++ can :
    - Display any pictures (PNG, BMP, TGA, JPG)
    - Listen to any music file (OGG, MP3, SID, SAP, SC68, YM, NSF, AHX, MOD) with
    DSP effects and spectrum display
    - Playback any video file (AVI, MPEG, MOV)
    - Display text files (ASCII TXT)
    - Run Flash files (SWF)
    - Run PSP homebrew applications (ELF, EBOOT.PBP) and go back to FA++ while exiting
    - Run any UMD (umd:/SYSDIR/EBOOT.BIN) and go back to FA++ while exiting
    - Run any Lua scripts (LUA) and go back to FA++ while exiting
    - Classic file operations (delete, move, copy, create directory, rename,...)

    FileAssistant++ is fully customisable: use one of the skin pack or create yourself !

    III. Credits

    Original idea : Lin J.R

    Main Code : 71M^TiTAN
    Shazz^TiTAN^MJJ Prod

    FTP client core : Liquid8d

    3rd party libs : SC68 by BeN^OVR
    SAP Player by Adam Bienias
    SID Player by Christian Bauer
    ST Sound by Leonard^Oxygene
    SWF by Thatcher Ulrich
    NoFrendo by Matthew Conte
    FFMpeg by Fabrice Bellard
    LuaPlayer by Shine

    Homebrew SDK : PSPSDK by

    Skins: Omnirage

    Credits Screen : 71M^TiTAN (Code)
    Rebb^TiTAN (Music)
    Kenet^TiTAN (Splash Screen)
    Niamh (3D Objects)

    IV. Greetings

    Of course we'd like to thank all those contributors who, by releasing the source code of
    their libs and sometimes helping us to port them to the PSP (hi BeN^OVR !). Without you, FA++
    would be soooo boring !
    Particularly we'd like to greet Tyranid for his incredible support on the lotek aspects (Man, you r0x0r !)

    71M would like to thank the usual suspects and of course my rubber duck!

    Shazz says 'hello' to :
    - all TiTAN's members (especially Irokos and Kenet for their support, Rebb for his module)
    - all MJJ Prod members, I don't forget you guys, Atari is in my heart.
    - the froggies (Dingofr, Tmator, and Evilo when he's nice)
    - members : Adresd (you're incredible), Marcus Brown.
    And of course, thanks to my wife.... I would never have such patience... I love you.

    V. Legal information

    FileAssistant++ is totally FREE and open-source, it is distributeed under the GPL license, please read it
    if you want to reuse the source code.

    But, as we all spent a lot of time in developping, debugging, improving it (ask our wife/girlfriend !),
    and we're sure that you will find it useful, you can support us by donating a few bucks or euros and
    we'll drink a beer for you !

    To donate, go here :

    Thanks in advance, and enjoy FA++ !

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    oh and also how do you use it. I downloaded the binary and put the fileassistant and the fileassistant% in the psp in the game folder but it doesnt work. I have a version 1.5.

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    it works for me

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    holy $#@! what an update, I've been loving this program from the start but WOW!

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    this version rocks, cheers

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    Could someone post there file assistant folders on here because i am real desperate.....

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    Nice, they have exceeded thier bandwidth limit so can't even get it.

    Anyone tell me if this reads files over Wi-Fi?

    For instance to play movies or MP3's without copying them to the PSP.

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    hey can anyone tell me if this software works with ver. 2.5 and also where do i put the folderS?

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    It doesn't work with 2.5 and it never will according to the developers, it uses too many kernel tricks. Anyone know if the video file support has been improved (or added, depending on your POV)? I couldn't get any avi or mov to start with the previous version, but I'm trying this one and will post the results.

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