As suspected, Nintendo Revolution will not be the final name of Nintendo’s new home console, with a new moniker expected to be unveiled in the run up to next year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo slated for May 2006.

Speaking to SPOnG today, Nintendo Europe’s Shelly Pearce, formerly Shelly Friend in her pre-marriage and breeding days said, “The Revolution is a codename for the new machine.”

The final name, unsurprisingly, was not offered, leaving us to wildly speculate as to what it might be. The Nintendo Ultratron is looking unlikely, as is Nintendo 3D Space Controller 4000. The possible re-branded NTO Fabulon Triptometer doesn't say an awful lot either; a shame really, as cheesy names with prefixes like Ultra and Mega carry a cluster of kitsch kudos with us.

Of course, Nintendo has always changed the names of its home machines from their original codenames, with the Nintendo 64 formerly being the Ultra 64 (as immortalised by a million Killer Instinct machines proclaiming the fact) and the GameCube, which began life as Nintendo Dolphin.

We had noted that following the showing of the Revolution controller at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, all Revolution branding had been removed from Nintendo-supplied official assets, paving the way for the revelation of the new name.

So, we don’t know what Nintendo has planned – nor does anyone we’ve contacted to date. It is a secret and a closely guarded one, as you might imagine. Let us know what you think it might be in the forum below.