Source - The Skeen

The G6 Flash Team has been busy and have released a Movie Player Update and a version of MoonShell that reads directly from the cards filesystem. I've just gotten done messing around with the new media player and it is extremely faster, supports skins, has more features for the e-book reading and most importantly outputs clear, vibrant, non-distorted *loud* bass (no other media player does this yet)! Hardcore techno pwns on the Nintendo DS when you can actually hear it thump! Additionally, the Movie Player will let you playback many different types of media files, but only after conversion; including -

* Dobly AC3 (*. AC3)
* DVD Video (*. VOB)
* Microsoft Waveform (*. WAV)
* MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 file (*. MP2)
* MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 file (*. MP3)
* Real Media (*. RA, *. RM, *. RAM, *. RMVB)
* MPEG-1 Media File (*. Mpeg, *. Mpg)
* MPEG-2 Media File (*. M2V)
* Windows Media (*. AVI, *. ASF, *. WMA, *. WMV)
* VCD Video (*. DAT)
* QuickTime Media File (*. MOV)
* MPEG-4 Media File (*. AVI)
* DivX Media File (*. AVI)

Downloads via the comments